Disney Karaoke: Frozen’s “Let It Go” gets 3.2 million plays in first 5 months!

Source: ABC News

“The Disney Karaoke: Frozen app has reached no. 1 in the iPad Entertainment Downloads category in more than 100 countries around the world and "Let it Go” has been played in the app 3.2 million times since its launch in May 2014.

In other words, even more little girls are making their parents listen to them belt out “Let It Go” than are making them buy the Elsa dress.“

Frozen Karaoke is now on the Nabi kids tablets!

Source: Marketwired

“‘We know kids love music and singing along to their favorite tunes while parents enjoy sharing those special moments with friends and family,’ said Jim Mitchell, CEO of Fuhu. ‘With nabi Karaoke Box, we are creating fun memories for the whole family and setting the bar for a kids karaoke entertainment system with a premium Bluetooth speaker that delivers amazing sound quality.’”

Our app with Disney wins the Tech With Kids' Best Pick App Award!

Source: Tech with Kids

Reviewer, Liz K. McKinney, gave the app 4.5 out of 5 stars and wrote, “This karaoke app plays perfectly to every Frozen fan’s desire to sing along with their favorite tunes, then record their voices and watch the film clips with themselves as the Disney princesses – or trolls, princes, ice gatherers, or snowmen!”

The Guardian features “Santa’s Merry Band” (with Guster, Indigo Girls, KT Tunstall and more!)

Source: The Guardian

Our Christmas app made The Guardian’s best apps! And Paste Magazine hosted a contest for the app.

The app features mibblets by Guster, the Indigo Girls, KT Tunstall, Brian Setzer Orchestra, G Love, Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler, Rosie Thomas, and Dan Hicks!

Newsday reports on Mibblio's partnership with Wingspan Arts

Source: Newsday

“New playful sounds, vibrant colors and whimsical characters of Mibblio are coming to life in a collaboration with New York City’s afterschool arts and music program, Wingspan Arts. Mibblio, an interactive music storybook app for kids, partnered with the non-profit organization in a fun and creative effort during which the Wingspan students created their very own "mibblet” from start to finish.

“The Mibblio team collaborated with Wingspan and students (Pre-K to grade 4) from four different schools, including Queens’ The Academy for Excellence Through the Arts (PS 303), Brooklyn’s Brooklyn School of Inquiry (PS 686) and The Academy of Talented Scholars (PS 682), and Manhattan’s Robert L. Stevenson (PS 183), on their original mibblet, The Bubble Parade.”

Mibblio is in The Wall Street Journal!

The Wall Street Journal digs into the story behind Mibblio’s name!

“The New York cousins who started a digital sing-along storybook business have settled on the name Mibblio…. The challenge is to come up with something that conveys meaning, is memorable, —and isn’t just alphabet soup….

"At Mibblio, the naming process was ‘the length of a human gestation period,’ says the company’s 28-year-old co-founder David Leiberman, ‘but only more painful,’ adds fellow co-founder Sammy Rubin, 35.

"The two men made several trips back to the drawing board… Finally, Mr. Leiberman thought to blend together ‘music’ and ‘biblio,’ the Latin root of ‘book,’ to form ‘Miblio.’

”‘It looked like “MY-blee-oh”,’ Mr. Rubin says. So he suggested they add a second ‘b’ to aid pronunciation. Plus, the two b’s double as eighth notes in the company’s logo.“

The Guardian names Mibblio one of the "50 Best Apps for Kids"!

Source: The Guardian

“These iPhone, iPad and Android apps won’t leave you with a big bill, but will provide stimulating education, creativity and entertainment for children.”

Mibblio is finalist for "Best eBook App" at 2013 Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards!

Source: Cynopsis Media

The ceremony “brought together the top creative and business minds in kids entertainment and included special honors to this year’s Luminaries: Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands; Margaret Loesch, founder/CEO of Hub Network; children’s singer/songwriter Laurie Berkner; and Cartoon Network for its Stop Bullying Speak Up campaign.” Mibblio was a finalist for the “Best eBook App” award.

Parents Magazine features Mibblio in May Tablet/Online Edition!

“Make beautiful music on your iPad with Mibblio.”

Mibblio “brings the tunes to life through interactive story books.”

"Mibblio - The App That Will Have You Dancing in the Street!"

“Perfect for the music lover in everyone and sure to hold any preschooler’s interest.”

24/7 Moms: "We are definitely excited to get more mibblets"

Source: 24/7 Moms

“What a great way to get out of our normal book routine and get my son more excited about reading.”

"The Fun Musical And Educational Game Mibblio"

“My daughter loves Mibblio because it is fun. I love Mibblio because it teaches my girl in a new and fun way. Mibblio would be a great addition to a classroom situation.”

Mibblio is "Best Music App" Finalist at the 2013 Appy Awards!

Source: Appy Awards

The annual Appy Awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity and excellence in app design. The Appys honor extraordinary Applications on all platforms: mobile, social and web-based.

Children's Technology Review features Mibblio!

Mibblio “lets children discover new instrument combinations and learn the
basics of creating a song, with a dash of reading.”

The Guardian: Mibblio is "winning trust from parents"

Source: The Guardian

“There are many children’s developers winning trust from parents by eschewing IAP and in-app ads, and there are others using IAP responsibly – Me Books with its in-app store for digital storybooks, Magic Town with its in-app subscription for parents, Mibblio with its a la carte interactive songs, and plenty more.”

"Mibblio – State of the Art Engaging Musical Storybook App"

“This app just screams play with me, please! It will bring out the natural curiosity that all children have and will nurture the creative side, instilling an ear for music.”

“We went to the library in search of some youngsters to try this app with. Kids and parents were overwhelmingly impressed with their own musical abilities.”

Mashable: Top 5 Apps For Kids This Week

Source: Mashable

“It’s like training wheels for your future DJ.”

A “musical sand box.”

Wired Magazine says Mibblio is "Music to Everyone’s Ears!"

Source: Wired

“There is nothing to limit the amount of creativity your child can use while playing with this app.”

“Each story-song is beautifully illustrated. The music composition is also excellent. With a host of talented musicians behind this app, including Grammy-nominated mandolinist Andy Statman and Grammy-winning drummer Marty Beller, the accompaniment is music even to the parent’s ears.”

“Colorful, engaging, and fun, Mibblio will keep your child singing, creating music, and reading, for hours on end…”

"Musicians and artists bring children’s stories to musical life with 'Mibblio'"

Source: SoundCtrl.com

“Now in a society which is overloaded by uni-purpose tech, the purity of children’s resources for fun learning might seem lost. This is where Mibblio comes to the rescue.”

“The combination of familiarity and fresh learning stimulation that both parents and kids will see in Mibblio is what makes its potential so limitless.”

Mibblio, Digs, and More: Gizmodo's iPad Apps of the Week

Source: Gizmodo

“It’s exactly what an iPad app for a kid should be, and it’s [so] much fun, parents might want to play, too.”

"Mibblio turns music, stories, and your iPad into an interactive party!"

Source: iPadKids.com

“[Mibblio] eradicates even the smallest chance of boredom.”

“The ‘Mibblio’ app takes regular stories and morphs them into gorgeously illustrated ‘story-songs’ that not only inspire children to read fun stories, but also allows them to dance to a catchy tune and even jam out on fully interactive instruments on screen!”

“[Y]our kids will be learning and engaging. Everyone wins!”